GMFA's Guide To Gay Sports Clubs And Social Groups

Get your club listed in The Guide

To get your club listed in The Guide, simply email us at and tell us:

  1. The name of your club
  2. Your club's contact details (address, phone, email and website)
  3. What your club is for (star gazing, pot holing, dominoes, etc.)
  4. Who your club is open to (e.g. gay men only or gay men and women)
  5. Where and when you meet
  6. How much it costs (annual membership, meetings, equipment)

Please include a short description of your club or group, written in the third person singular. In other words, DO write 'Knitting Circle is a group of gay knitters who enjoy getting together to knit and swap techniques, patterns and juicy gossip'. DON'T write 'Knitting Circle is a group of gay knitters, we enjoy knitting and gossip, we are a very friendly group and we meet on a Tuesday in The Cunning Fox'.

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The information on this web page was last updated in April 2007