Title: GMFA's Guide To Gay Sports Clubs And Social Groups

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How to use this website

This website is designed for gay men who want to play sport or pursue an interest in a club or group that is assuredly gay friendly!

GMFA makes every effort to keep the details on this site up to date, but there can be a short delay before we are made aware of changes to the clubs and groups listed here, so we can not guarantee that all of the information on this website is correct. If you are aware of any changes or updates to any of the clubs or groups on this website, please let us know by using the 'feedback on this page' facility at the bottom of the left hand menu.

If you can't find a sports club or social group that's doing something you want to, why not set up a new club or group yourself? Just download a copy of GMFA's guide to setting up and running a successful gay sports club or social group, and let us know when you're ready to be listed on this website.

Get your club listed in The Guide

To get your club listed in The Guide, simply email us and tell us:

  1. The name of your club
  2. Your club's contact details (address, phone, email and website)
  3. What your club is for (star gazing, pot holing, dominoes, etc.)
  4. Who your club is open to (e.g. gay men only or gay men and women)
  5. Where and when you meet
  6. How much it costs (annual membership, meetings, equipment)

Inform GMFA of changes to your group's details

If any of the details of your club or group have changed, please inform us by emailing theguide@gmfa.org.uk

GMFA funds and runs this website to provide gay men with opportunities to meet and form relationships in social settings that are not sexualised, in order to increase their social support network.



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The information on this web page was last updated on 21 March 2010